Source separated human urine is a safe and efficient fertilizer

Source separated human urine is as efficient as a mineral fertilizer. It is also safe to use when correctly managed and stored. If urine would be collected separately and used as a fertilizer most of the nutrients in human excreta could be recovered, nutrient load to water bodies would be reduced remarkably and wastewater treatment process could be simplified.

The current lack of collection and transportation systems and missing status as an accepted fertilizer product is preventing the large scale use of urine as a fertilizer. Furthermore public opinions and attitudes hinder the acceptance of the product. In this project fertilizer use of urine is studied. Communication, information, demonstrations and events  about the characteristics of urine and urine use are means to influence the attitudes towards the product.

Many of the events are arranged in Hiedanranta, an old industrial site and upcoming residential area in the City of Tampere, where also urine is collected in dry toilets. This urine is used in the fertilizer experiments. Aim is to get urine officially accepted as a fertilizer product, promote nutrient reuse and in longer term promote city and urban planning so that it supports nutrient recycling and circular economy principles.


Nutrient recycling, fertilizing with human urine


22.-24.8.2018: DT 2018 – 6th International Dry Toilet Conference presentation Eeva-Liisa Viskari: Fertilizer potential of human urine in barley cultivation session 6 Research on the safe use of excrete and/or urine.

11.-13.6.2018  3rd European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 2018 in Helsinki, Finlandia Hall,  poster  and video of fertilizer potential of source separated urine.

24.11.2017 From Waste to Valuables – matchmaking event  Visit  Hiedanranta circular economy in urban environment, project presentation: HIERAKKA presentation Matchmaking event


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